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Benefits of Joining

For the retailer who wants to grow their business without the burden of additional costs, join USave; Our entry-level symbol group.

USave is committed to fully-supporting the retailer; Increasing business, turnover and promotions.

As a USave retailer you will receive a modern fascia and window graphics.

Joining Benefits:

  • Modern Fascia
  • External Imagery
  • Category Management Planograms
  • Drop Shipment Services
  • In-Store Promotional Activity Every 3 Weeks
  • P.O.S. Kit with Personalised Consumer Leaflets
  • Merchandising
  • Development Support, Appraisal & Planning
  • EPOS
  • Uniforms

Business Development Manager Coverage

Our BDM’s are in place to grow your business.

They will visit your store on a regular basis and act as your retail consultant.

Equipped with the latest tools, they will bring you market updates, category advice, legislation changes and so much more.

    • Pavinder Singh

    • USave Business Development Manager
    • 07855 003 181
    • Covering Scotland


Want to run your own bespoke promotions?

Simply right-click on any image and download the interactive pdf of blank shelf talkers/A4 poster.
You can print 3 shelftalkers per A4 page.

Shelf Talkers / A4 Posters

USave Shelftalkers (BLANK)
USave Black Poster (BLANK)
USave Shelftalkers (BLANK)
USave Poster (BLANK)
Please note: the file(s) must be saved/downloaded first and then opened to edit (the interactive element does not work in the file-preview option).

USave Store Locations

Finding a USave store is very easy, simply enter your address, postal code or city and select distance, finally click “Find a store near you” button.

Please Note: There are a lot of stores to filter through, so after clicking the “Find a store near you” button – please wait a few seconds for results to load.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join USave?

Unlike many other fascia groups in the market, even though USave is the fastest growing fascia group in Scotland:

  • We DO NOT charge a membership fees.
  • The Fascia is FREE.
  • You will have a dedicated Business Development Manager.
  • POS, Merchandising, even Price Plans are all FREE to USave members.

After becoming a USave, what will I get?

You will receive the USave symbol fascia, fitted. You will also get window graphics; Internal signage; A full-proof store category plan; On-going merchandising support; In-store businesses development support; And most importantly - bespoke USave pricing.

What help will the BDM actually give me?

You will be visited regularly by one of our friendly, completely professional Business Development Manager's, who will provide expert category advice, merchandising advice, advice on growing your store and be your link for any help you may require.

How much will I have to spend to get my order delivered to my store?

A minimum of 50 item cases must be ordered to guarantee you will receive the delivery to your store, and as a USave member; We won’t charge for that service either.

Criteria & Contract?

As a member of the USave family, you must agree to and keep within the confines of a contract.

This will allow both parties to have a secure future in working together.

Get Free Consultation

We Will help you
to understand:

  • The minimum spend required
  • The store compliance required
  • Core Range/Plan for Profit
  • any issues you may have reserved

A qualification/criteria checklist can be downloaded here:

Our Criteria Checklist

Let`s set your future with USave in motion…


Call Out

Pick up your phone and call Craig – our Store Development Manager.


Call In

One of our BDM’s will arrange with you a convenient time and date to visit you in your store and offer retail advice.


Work Together

If both parties agree, your bespoke price-plan will be immediately accessible; And the USave retail club will start the procedures to get your store looking like its part of our family.

Contact Our Store Development Manager Today!